This is the home page of Gnome Network Monitor. The project is now under active development as a bachelor project at my university .

Gnome Network Monitor is written in the Python programming language and uses PyGTK as the GUI toolkit. The interface itself was designed in Glade. The project has to conform to the Gnome Human Interface Guidelines.

You can contact me at jhrozek [guess what] redhat [dot] com.


  • Network statistics overview
  • Per-process overview of network traffic on your computer visually similar to top
  • Bandwidth usage with graphical histogram
  • iptables log analyzer

If you want to see Gnome Network Monitor in action, there's a bunch of pictures on the sf.net screenshots page.


You can always check out the code using the command:

svn co https://gnetworkmonitor.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/gnetworkmonitor gnetworkmonitor

Alternatively, you can use the repository browsing tool on SourceForge.net or your favorite GUI tool with the following configuration:

  • Hostname: gnetworkmonitor.svn.sourceforge.net
  • Port: 443
  • Protocol: HTTPS
  • Repository Path: /svnroot/gnetworkmonitor

The current version is 0.9 There is an rpm for Fedora as well as a distribution-unspecific source file (refer to README for installation instructions). These are availiable on the sf.net downloads page.

There are several requirements for running the software - python (at least 2.4), pygtk2, python bindings for sqlite and of course GTK2.


Of course there are not any bugs. In the unlikely cause you find one, here are the relevant links: